Before renting

How much does the rental costs?

It depends on the season, in our rate list you can find the prices per day for all the seasons. These prices include all the taxes and also the insurance, not the fee of 750 euros that you must pay with a credit or debit card and will be return at the end of your rental period after checking that the motor home doesn’t have any damage from the inside and outside.

What does the rental price has included?

Our prices don’t have any surprises. They have included all the taxes, insurance, pillows, bed cloths, bath cloths, cutlery, dinnerware, pots and pans, first complete gas bottle, toilets liquids, it means all the necessary so you can have a great trip. Yes, we have some additional things that have an extra cost, like renting bicycles and bicycles carrier, GPS, outdoor chairs and table, child seat… (List of extras)

How does the motor homes must be deliver and return?

They are delivered always clean both inside and outside. They must be returned clean in the interior otherwise an extra cleaning rate of 110 euros will be charged. The tanks of gray water and toilet need to be empty or pay an extra 50 euros rate. The outside cleaning of the motor home is added in the rent price.

How does the different services of the motor home work?

The kitchen and the hot water work with butane gas, being able to change the tank when it finishes. They are the same like the ones used for the residential consume and they can be found in many gas stations. The fridge is trivalent type (gas 12 V or 220 V), that means it uses the energy more convenient in every moment. If the motor home is connected to a red/net of 220 V (in a camping) this one prioritizes from the other ones. In the other case, it will work with gas and if this one finishes it will start working with the batteries of 12 V. the heat works with gas-oil (it is supply with the same deposit as the motor of the motor home) and an electric fan (12 V).

What type of insurance is included in the rental?

Wide range insurance fee of 750 euros. This fee is cover with a credit card deposit, these fee will be reimbursed after the rental period if there is no damage. All our motor homes count with a mechanical assistances on route 24/7 and an insurance of assistance for changing or repairing a wheel 24/7.

Is there a minimum of days to rent the motor home?

Yes. It goes from 3 and 7 days. In low and mid-season the rent is minimum of 3 days, while in high season you can´t rent for a period less than 7 days. In low season we have an offer from Friday at 3 o clock of the afternoon to Sunday at 10 pm.

How I pay the rent?

At the time of reservation you pay 30%. Fifteen days before the rental period an additional 40% must be paid. The remaining 30% will be pay at the pick-up. The best way to pay is by credit or debit card. The payment of the 750 euros for the fee of the security must be made with the credit card.

Why we don’t have motor homes of 6 seats?

The first standard of our company is: “it´s easy, do it better”. Our own experiences tell us that is not the best way traveling 6 persons in one motor home. Too many people. There’s another reason why we don’t rents motor homes of six seats, because with six persons on board the weight admitted (3.500) of the motor home could be overpass and be fined.

What is the process to deliver the motor home?

It should be noted that the process of delivery might last an hour so a detailed explanation of the operation and the security measures can be given. The client has to check the general condition of the motor home, leaving constancy in the document of any anomaly or damage.

At what time is the pick-up and return of the motor homes?

At what time is the pick-up and return of the motor homes?
It is needed to have in count the hour for every process in the days of the pickup and return. The return is done from 15 hours while de return most be before 12 pm. If the client needs a different schedule it needs to be told in advance to check the availability.
Pick-up after 15:00 hours

During the rental period

How does a motor home is driven?

Basically as a normal car, all tough it has particularities with respect of a tourism. The first one, the more volume because they have a height of a little more than 3 meters and 6 and 7, 5 meters long. Also the width is superior, it measures a little more than 2 meters. You need to pay special attention to some maneuvers where you need to turn a lot the direction (parking lots, camping, etc.) and having in mind that the rear overhang can be the more expose. In maneuvers going back, the more convenient thing is that another person is telling us and guiding us of objects that are in the behind and the laterals. Circulating in the roads, there is no big difference as driving a car, although with a strong tail wind it is convenient to reduce the velocity, because the moves can be more noted than in the cars. The braking distances are superior than of a car.

What type of driving license I need?

The B type, the normal license for a car. Not exceeding the 3, 500 kg of the maximum authorized weight you can drive with a normal driving license for cars. You must take into consideration that 3, 500 kg is the amount of the weight of the passengers and other elements that we transport.

How much does the motor home spend?

There is a difference between the 3 types of motor homes that we have. The one that consumes the less is the camper that it spend around 8/9 liters every 100 km. The integral type, between 9 and 10 liters/100 km, and the capuchina, close to 11, 5 liters per 100 km. This is always in a velocity of 100 km per hour. Consumption can get lower or higher in a notable way with a strong tail wind, frontal or lateral. Respectively.

What rate does the motor home has in the tolls?

This is a matter that not only the dealers can get to an agreement. There are some tolls that you have to pay the same as a car and in others there might be an increment of 50% in the fee, because it enters in the category light industrial vehicles.

Is there so much heat or cold at night?

All our motor homes have heating. It is possible to sleep with an exterior weather of -10 C° (14 F°) with an internal temperature of 19 or 20 °C (66,2 or 68 °F). In the hottest night of summer (26-28 °C) (78, 8-82, 4 °F) it is recommend that you open the windows so that the air can circulate and you can sleep more comfortable. In normal nights with normal temperature in summer (18 to 22 °C) (64, 4-71, 6) you can sleep with a really good temperature in the inside. For the summer season we recommend parking under the shadow.

Can I use it in cold weathers?

Yes, our motor homes count with heating and all its facilities are prepared to support temperatures up to -10 °C (14 °F). The heating counts with an automatic thermostat that regulates the interior heat selected.

How many people can travel in the motor homes?

There is a difference between the people that can spend the night and the ones that can travel in the motor home, even though in the vehicles of Nomadac the same amount of people that can travel can spend the night. In the motor home as in any other vehicle, they cannot travel any more people than the ones that it is mark in the technical data of the vehicle. We have motor homes for traveling 4 or 5 people. All the travelers most use the seatbelt while the motor home is on the move.

Where can I spend the night?

The legislation is clear in this way: you can spend the night in any place where you can park, except there’s a sign telling you can’t. If there is no sign telling that it is prohibited the parking of motor homes then you can spend the night there. In this cases you can’t take any outdoor element (outdoor chairs and table, grill, awning). Every time it is more often finding establishments adequate for motor homes, also some areas for this vehicles, this last ones with service of clean water and sometimes electricity. The most expensive, useful and complete options are the traditional camping.

Can you take company animals?

Only dogs and by an authorization expressed by the lessor. For that end a deposit of a guaranty of 300 euros most be pay for any possible damages.

Can you empty the gray water and black water in any place?

No, and doing it may be a reason of an economical sanction. The gray and black waters must be empty in special places marked for that special thing. Camping, serving station and motor home areas, they have stations to empty and fill with clean water.

Can you drink water from the sink of the motor home?

Even though in Nomadac we sterilize all the clean water tanks after every rental period, we can’t guaranty the precedence of the water that is loaded. So you must not drink water from the sinks.

Can you climb on the roof top of the motor home?

No, it is strictly prohibited climbing the sealing of the motor home.

Is it allowed to smoke in the motor home?

No, it is strictly prohibited. The charge for deodorize is of 400 euros.